Ship It Pros is an affordable load board in Canada and US.  We provide unlimited free postings for shippers and offer affordable memberships for carriers  

Our goal is to connect shippers and carriers efficiently with simple posting process, fast finding, and easy contacting avoiding heavy fees for both shippers and carriers.


In order to find a right carrier, you can post a load on our load board or you can directly search carriers in your area on our Search Carrier page.  Posting is free of charge, and you will find it simple and easy.  Carriers registered with us will directly contact you by the ways you preferred to be contacted.  They will introduce themselves and give you their quote.  No waiting time, no hidden fees from us!

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We help freight brokers, shippers move more loads every day!  Registration process is simple and you will be quickly verified.  Once verified, you can enjoy our membership service including search shipments, bookmarking loads with a memo, and through our premium membership, you will be seen on our Search Carrier Directory page.  Not only you can contact shippers directly, but also shippers can find you through our Carriers Directory.

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We a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, mileage and routing and is one of the few load board services where posting loads is free.   Probably avoiding empty backhauls and the loss of income seems like be reason why many truckers turn to load boards. Our resources and industry expertise is why so many turn to Ship It Pros. Using our Ship It Pros can decrease dead time, increase your possibility of profitable backhauls and connect you to loads fast.

As a result, finding available truckloads quickly and easily allows trucking companies to improve their business and helps meet the day-to-day costs of running their business, including high fuel costs, insurance bills and driver salaries.  Some of Carriers rely on our load matching services to find loads and move truck freight.   Because it’s the best desktop/mobile solution for dispatchers and fleet owners seeking a reliable and free freight search load board.

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